Take to the Skies opened on August 17, 2015. You will find it listed at The Fanlistings Network and my personal fanlisting collective Hylia. When I was approved for this fanlisting, I was so excited because How to Train Your Dragon is my absolute favorite animated film for many reasons. I first had seen the movie in theaters with low expectations because I thought that it would be a standard movie directed for children. However, I have never been more wrong about a movie. It's hard for me to choose what exactly is my favorite thing about this movie. I love everything: the characters, the relationship between Hiccup and Tooth, the visual scenery, and the music.

This movie is full of an amazing cast of characters. The protagonist Hiccup follows the standard trope where the nerdy loser becomes a hero, but it goes above and beyond that. While nobody seems to believe in him or see him as a viking, he's still determinated to succeed. He has exceptional problem-solving skills and is able to work this to his advantage. He does not become the hero of the movie because it is his destiny. He becomes the hero because of his hard work and determination. I should mention too that I absolutely love that the dragons have a lot of cat-like qualities.

Another major aspect of the movie is the relationship that develops between Hiccup and Toothless. At first, they both fear each other. It takes time for them to even begin trusting each other. Toothless, however, has no choice but to trust him because he is unable to fly without Hiccup's help. They grow a friendship that is unlike any other because they learn to depend on one another. They learn to live in harmony instead of in fear.

One of the most beautiful things about the movie is the fact that the Vikings reside on their Isle of Berk with not much knowledge of the outside world. Yes, Hiccup's father, Stoick the Vast, often leads armies of vikings out to the seas in search of the dragon nest, but outside of that, most of the residents see merely what is in front of them in their little village. The relationship between Hiccup and Toothless drives the reformed interrelation between the Vikings and the dragons. Since dragons are easily trained to allow the Vikings to ride them, they both soon learn about the world outside of their respective islands. They take to the skies and move on to new adventures together. We experience their world for the first time with Hiccup. The movie is full of beautiful and inspiring scenery that we would not have been able to see without Toothless.

In my opinion, the movie score is some of the best music that accompanies an animated film. If you're interested in hearing it, please check out this youtube playlist.

I am sorry this got kind of lengthy. I absolutely love this movie, and I wanted to write down all of my thoughts! If you have never seen the movie, I hope that my ranting may have inspired you to check it out!


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