Lily's Poise is the fanlisting dedicated to Elise from Fire Emblem Fates listed at The Fanlistings Network. It is owned by Megan and is part of Hylia. This fanlisting has been open since May 19, 2016!

I've personally found that Fire Emblem is a series that has official artwork that's quite difficult to work with for layouts, especially Fates because that artwork is either awful, doesn't exist, or lacks in quality. I really loved the new artwork for Elise released in Fire Emblem Heroes so I wanted to try to use it to create something new! For this design, I wanted to focus on floral imagery, light colors, and soft fonts. Resources used in this layout were provided by crazykira-resources, Lembrik's Artworks, missesglass, and sodamnreckless. Thanks Lethe for letting me cry over this layout, and thank you to both Crystal and Samantha for your support with this fanlisting and really helping me meet the deadline to finish it.


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