Pathfinder is the fanlisting dedicated to Korra from Legend of Korra listed at The Fanlistings Network. Courtney opened this fanlisting as Spunk and Spice, and it was adopted by me in August 2018!


This layout features a gorgeous illustration of Korra in the Avatar state by Bryan Konietzko from the cover of the Blu-ray. Resources used are by missesglass, 9-liters-of-art, and so-ghislaine. The header font is Salted Mocha by Stephanie Arsenault.

I chose the name Pathfinder based on the definition: a person who goes ahead and discovers or shows others a path or way. As the Avatar, Korra's role is to maintain peace and balance with the spirit world. Originally, I had played around with words such as balance and equilibrium for the title, and while Korra strives to maintain the balance of the world, I find her role as a pathfinder inspiring. Losing touch with her past lives, Korra tackles the challenges of being the Avatar without their guidance. She paves a new, unconventional path for humans and spirits using her own intuition.


If interested, please contact me!