Sacred Fire is the fanlisting for Mieu from Tales of the Abyss listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network and The Fanlistings Network. It is owned by Megan and is part of Hylia. This fanlisting was previously owned by Crystal before she graciously allowed me to adopt it in February 2017. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

I owned this fanlisting a long time ago, maybe in 2009 when I used to be hosted on one of my friend's domains, and I remember fondly coming up with a layout and name for it. Mieu has always been one of my favorite characters from Tales of the Abyss because I'm always drawn to cute, lil things. This is a special subject to me, and I'm really honored to be able to own it again!

"Sacred Fire" is the name Crystal had given the fanlisting which I thought was perfect. Sacred fire is a term that I recognize from Pokemon, as Ho-oh's signature ability, but it really describes little Mieu! Mieu is a Cheagle, a divine(ly cute) breed of creatures living in Cheagle Woods with the ability to breathe fire.


In order to work off of the style of artwork I had chosen, I decided to go with an artistic effect using paint brush textures and brushes and also incorporate some subtle fire even though this layout is super orange already.

Credits for textures go to crazykira, morpires, mercurycode, and abscenced. The font used in the header is SK Brian.


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