That Darn Cat! is the fanlisting for Morgana from Persona 5 listed at The Fanlistings Network. It is owned by Megan and is part of Hylia. This fanlisting has been open since May 26, 2017!

This fanlisting was named after a terrible movie from the 90s that I really liked because cats. The name was chosen in jest because the protagonist had a tendency to be bossed around by Morgana, most notably when I just wanted to go downstairs to have some coffee but was told to go to bed instead.

Persona 5 is the first game in this series that I'd played thanks to some friends being excited about the game and talking about it around me. So I decided to jump in on the fun too! I knew that I would enjoy the game, but I didn't realize how much of a great experience I would have playing it.

I suppose the best way to describe the layout concept: comic book panel. I played around with colors, watercolor textures, and all kinds of patterns before settling on these vibrant colors! The image was obtained from the Megami Tensei wiki, and textures were provided by deatheatcrs @ Tumblr and crazykira-resources. Fonts used in the header are Snap Dragon and Big Noodle Titling.


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