Welcome to Atonement, a fansite and character shrine dedicated to one of my favorite characters from my favorite game: Regal Bryant from Tales of Symphonia. When I first played through the game, I immediately loved Regal and his story (and muscles), and I always thought that he was a severely overlooked character.

Regal is the eighth and final member to join the party. Though he has less of a connection to the main story, his role in the big scheme is to show the devastation and extent that Cruxis reaches — and I like the fact that a character like him was included in what's otherwise a cast made up of "very special" characters who are deeply involved with the world itself. Because he doesn't spend as much time with the party due to joining so late in the story, there is less back story and character development. Still, his story touches me, and I will attempt to convey its emotional impact as well as show Regal's contributions to the party and the story in this shrine.

At this time, this shrine will only cover Tales of Symphonia and not any continuations or other adaptations. Most information is based off of the scripts from the GameCube release of the game, but I also discuss some gameplay elements added to the Playstation 3 release. While there are not that many differences, the Playstation 3 version enhances a few features and adds some artes. There will be unmarked spoilers so if you have yet to play the game, please be cautious (and also go play the game)!

Atonement is also home to the fanlisting for Regal listed at The Fanlistings Network and The Anime Fanlistings Network. We cover his game, OVA, and manga appearances so if you're a fan of him from any form of media, feel free to add your name to the list!

Last Updated: March 3, 2017 ∙ SutarodoHyliaEmotionLegendary