Domain was registered and opened on June 30, 2014 and is currently hosted at Teacake. It is owned and maintained by Megan as part of my main network, Sutarodo. I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan so I chose a name inspired by Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. While this collective is newer, I've been around before! My fanlisting collective used to be found at followed by before I took a long hiatus in 2009 to focus on some other stuff. I returned in 2014 with and have been here ever since!

I have a KIM list, but it's offline. If you want to be kept in mind for any of my subjects, feel free to contact me. Fanlistings up for adoption are listed here.


This design features one of my favorite characters from Persona 5, Kitagawa Yusuke. I really wanted to create a layout using the beautiful artwork from this series that was softer than my layout for Morgana's fanlisting, and I also have been really into watercolor textures and light colors which I thought fit his character, and he's just beautiful. Resources used in this are created by snappedbeat, TSTUDIO and missesglass. The image was obtained from Megami Tensei Wiki, and fonts used are Beast Machine and Redgar.

Thank you Emily for being the cutest little cheerleader, and Samantha for helping me figure out what to do with the pesky navigation. You can see previous designs for this fanlisting collective here. Also, thanks Aku for admiring Yusuke's pretty face with me.

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