Rebirth is the fanlisting dedicated to Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI listed at The Fanlistings Network. This fanlisting opened on March 5, 2018.

I wanted the layout to carry a flowing whimsy because Terra is a magical character. Rebirth was chosen as the name because of its simplicity. It is a word that carries a lot of meaning and strength, pertaining to Terra's journey. Image is from the Final Fantasy Wiki, and textures are from lyshastra The fonts used in this layout are Cookie, Lato, and Oswald, obtained from Google Fonts and Children of the Starlight by Cat.B. Thank you font queen Samantha for the suggestions and for pushing me to apply for this precious subject!


 Characters: Bravely Default - Arrior, Tiz Characters: Chrono Trigger - Ashtear, Lucca Characters: Final Fantasy IX - Garnet Characters: Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola Games: Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

If interested, please contact me!