I do plan on creating a shrine dedicated to Tiz eventually so I apologize for the sparse information provided here. I will be sure to announce when any new content is added.


Full Name: Tiz Arrior
Age (Bravely Default): 16 (JPN), 19 (NA/PAL)
Age (Bravely Second): 18 (JPN), 21 (NA/PAL)
Hometown: Norende
Voice Actor: Mitsuki Saiga (JPN), Bryce Papenbrook (ENG)
D's Journal: A young man, and sole survivor of the Great Chasm. After waking, he had a fateful encounter with the wind vestal, Agnès.

A nineteen-year-old boy from Norende. A simple and honest soul, he has a gentle and amiable demeanor that makes him well-liked. He acts as a mediator between friends, and often ends up with a lot on his plate (for which I am partly responsible).

Likes: Hot home cooking, seafood
Dislikes: Gaudy baubles, crowds