Since their debut in 2007, Wonder Girls released three full-length albums and a handful of singles. Listed below are the tracklistings of all of their albums, some recommendations, and some personally chosen singles.

The Wonder Years (2007)
  1. I Wanna
  2. This Fool (이바보 Ibabo)
  3. Tell Me
  4. Friend
  5. Headache
  6. So What (뭐 어때 Mwo Eottae) (featuring David Kim)
  7. Wishing on a Star
  8. Move (featuring Lee Min Woo)
  9. Take It (가져가 Ga Jyeo Ga)
  10. Good Bye
  11. Bad Boy
  12. It's Not Love (미안한 마음 ~tears~ Mianhan Ma-eum ~tears~)
  13. Irony
My Recommendations: I mean, you can't go wrong with their singles, "Tell Me" and Irony. They're probably a little dated at this point, but they are both really cute pop songs.
Wonder World (2011)
  1. G.N.O.
  2. Be My Baby
  3. Girls Girls
  4. Me, In
  5. Sweet Dreams
  6. Stop!
  7. Dear Boy
  8. 두고두고 (Long Long Time (Sunye and Yeeun duet))
  9. SuperB (Yubin and Sohee duet)
  10. Act Cool (Hyelim featuring San E)
  11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
  12. Nu Shoes
My Recommendations: My favorite track on this album is "Me, In," but this is a solid album overall so I would recommend any of the tracks. "Be My Baby" is a fantastic single and a great place to start on this album!
Reboot (2015)
  1. Baby Don't Play
  2. Candle (featuring Paloalto)
  3. I Feel You
  4. Rewind
  5. Loved
  6. John Doe
  7. One Black Night
  8. Back
  9. 오빠 (Oppa) (Hyelim solo)
  10. 사랑이 떠나려 할 때 (Faded Love)
  11. 없어 (Gone)
  12. 이 순간 (Remember)
My Recommendations: This is my favorite album of theirs, and I love every track. However, you can't go wrong with the lead single, "I Feel You". My other favorite tracks from this album are "One Black Night," "Baby Don't Play," and "John Doe."
So Hot
Why So Lonely
Draw Me
  1. So Hot
  2. This Time
  3. You're Out
  4. Tell Me (rap)
  1. Why So Lonely
  2. To The Beautiful You
  3. Sweet & Easy
  1. Draw Me