Fallen For You is the fanlisting for Wonder Girls, listed at The Fanlistings Network in the Musicians: Bands/Groups category. This fanlisting opened on March 20, 2016. I added additional content because I wanted to talk about my favorite group and maybe inspire a few others to check them out! This is still a little bit of a work in progress. I hope to finish the additional information soon!

The name Fallen For You comes from translated lyrics from "I Feel You" from Reboot:

I Feel You
I’ve fallen for you and I can’t escape
I only think about running to you

I had chosen this name for a few reasons! The simplest is because I feel like it describes my relationship with this group: I've fallen~ for them~ 🧀🧀 Mostly, I wanted something that reflected the group's lyrics so I'd chosen something from one of my favorite singles.


This is the second layout for this fanlisting, featuring the final lineup before the group split: Ye-eun, Yubin, Hyerim, and Sunmi. The previous layout was kind of large on smaller resolutions, and I wanted to add new content and edit existing text so it all lined up! I love the photoshoot for "Why So Lonely" and decided to feature it in the header. Resources are created by Lovalù, OumBoJae, namrux, and morpires. The font used is Awesome Script Italic! You can view previous designs here!



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